Wow! How had life come to this? I had been on top of the world! I had had it all! And here I was: broken, dejected, disappointed and the saddest thing was that I had let my little girl down.


The year was 1995 and I had just moved my precious 7-year-old daughter and what possessions I could salvage from my 3.500 square foot beautiful home overlooking the Snohomish Valley in WA into the 700-sf concrete basement of my sister’s house. My home had just been foreclosed on and declaring for bankruptcy could not stop it, asking family and friends could not stop it and I could not fix this for my little girl and me.


My sister and I had been the 1992-93 National Step Aerobics Champions and this accomplishment had dropped us into a world of fitness-fame. We travelled for Nike and the Step Company, and made exercise videos.


We thought it was a great time to spin this stardom into a business: a 10,000-sf fitness center of our own; a dream come true…until it became a nightmare!


Our contract with the Step Company ended abruptly when Reebok revoked their licensing agreement with the Step Co. putting our appearances contract into jeopardy. This was our fallback plan, our income as we started our fledgling business as 2 single mothers. We did the best we could to keep it together: teaching at other clubs, taking on private clients even waitressing but it was simply not enough to keep the club and 2 mortgage payments and 2 families afloat.
I filed for bankruptcy, we closed the club, my home was foreclosed on and my daughter, “Jake” and I moved into my sister’s basement (her house would be foreclosed on next…) and tried to wrap my brain around how I could get out of this mess.


As a fitness professional, I had been introduced to network marketing many times! Without really giving it a proper investigation, I decided it wasn’t for me. It felt “smarmy” and “salesy” and not for me!


For some reason, I agreed to go to a small conference for a product I had been using for almost a year. Was it boredom, despair, desperation? I don’t know but I am thankful that someone continued to follow up with me until I took the time to see that network marketing could completely change my life!


I rose to the top rank of the company within a little more than 2 years and could really be a stay home mom even though I was single…it was awesome! I did get married shortly after and my new husband adopted my daughter AND my business. He also reached the top rank in the company and we were quite satisfied with our lives…until the recession hit and many of our investments (made thanks to our network marketing income) disappeared overnight! It was time to go back to work and I worked! It was hard! But I knew that I had to do it to “right our ship” again. This push put me into the upper echelons of our company but it was a huge effort.

A couple of years later, my daughter graduated from college with an Art degree…I know, right? I’m so glad we could give her the education but NOW what was she going to do? She was very interested in my business but not in the traditional, off line methods I used. She conquered social media and led our company’s Gen-Y charge into social media and reached the top position it took me 2+ years to hit in just 10 months. I was so relieved to know that she was “set”.


After a while, however, those methods weren’t working as well as they had in the beginning and things just weren’t moving fast enough for her and her fellow millennials. I knew that she was frustrated and I was afraid she might leave our business!


And then we discovered a way to have people come to us! A way to become the hunted instead of the hunter! A way to stop thinking about every person I met as a possible candidate for my business! A system that we could use AND teach that would bring faster and more reliable results.


Life has changed for us…dramatically…several different times; this newest turn is like putting our business on “turbo-charge”!


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