It’s easy to think “some people just have it easier than me” or “if only I was famous (or better educated, or more talented…you fill in the blank).


I know I did! I was a struggling single mom, trying to make a living in the fitness industry. I worked long hours and really took a beating physically to make the kind of money I needed to give my little girl everything she needed.


I thought: “If only I were famous and made fitness videos and was a sought after presenter! Then life would be different for us!”


So that’s what I did! I joined 2 other women and slaved long hours on top of my work schedule, and we became National Aerobics Champions, made fitness videos and became a sought after presenter…the trifecta, right?


Wrong! Yes, it was fun to be in the limelight and I made pretty good money…but I was gone almost half of every month. As a single parent, that can put a huge stress on a child, even though I had a nanny.


It all came crashing down, early one morning at the beginning of a trip. We were set to speak and perform in Las Vegas (along with Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer Mark Spitz) and as we got to the airport, I realized that I had forgotten an evening gown…wasn’t something I often needed!


I raced back to my house in the wee hours of the morning…still pitch black…opened my automatic garage door and there was my darling 5 year old in her little Winnie the Pooh jammies…up  way too early…where was the nanny?!….sobbing huge tears and yelping, actually yelping for her mommy!


I cannot tell you the depth of despair I felt in that moment…the sudden realization of what this life was doing to her. What I was sacrificing to “get ahead”. I decided then and there that things HAD to change….but that is another story…stay tuned, dear reader and in the meantime, you can learn about how I found a better way, but not until I made some other big mistakes first! Let us help you skip over those mistakes!


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