Growing a following for your Facebook Business Page is one of the cornerstones of building a strong social media presence. It is valuable because being prominent on social media can benefit your business in more ways than you might expect.

However, growing a targeted Facebook following takes time — unless you want to take shortcuts such as Facebook ads. That is also what makes it challenging because staying on track with everything you need to do every single day for a few months is more than most small business owners and entrepreneurs are ready to execute. Here’s how you can grow a targeted Facebook following organically and build your brand online:

Set Your Goals So You Have Something to Track

Experienced marketers know that without accurately tracking their metrics and goals, they won’t be able to determine how successful their strategies have been. On the other hand, many business owners who are only starting to build their social media presence will create a business page because they feel like they have to. They haven’t considered strategy and don’t see the page as one of their potentially most prominent marketing tools.

Goal setting is important so you have something to measure. The insights you get from this activity will ultimately help you scale up. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish with your page, then write it down. For example, you may want 100 new followers every day for the next few months. It sounds like a lot, but it is an achievable goal as long as you take the necessary steps to prepare a strategy and execute it.

Find Your Tribe

One of the reasons why Facebook is so attractive to marketers is that lots of different types of people congregate there. Virtually any type of audience can be found and targeted on Facebook, which is invaluable to entrepreneurs. That’s precisely what you need for building a following — so find your tribe.

In the search bar, you can type in some keywords related to your business: for example, “fitness for busy moms.” Join a few groups that your target audience might participate in, and you can start building your community from there.

Offer Value and Connect

Do not make the mistake of joining these groups only to promote your page. The majority of groups will have rules against it, so this tactic won’t work. What you want to do instead is to connect with the members by joining the discussion and offering value. As an expert in your field and your business, you can certainly help group members solve some of their issues — and when you do, they’ll naturally become more curious about you and your business.

At the same time, build your page by posting content to it regularly. This will require quality, valuable material to retain the followers you acquire by interacting and creating your online authority.

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you build it, they will come”? In order to be successful at growing your Facebook Business Page following, you need to build a page that keeps people coming back. Create valuable content they need, hit your short-term and long-term goals, and invest time each day interacting in groups where your target audience is.

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