Social media marketing is a powerful way to get the word out about your business — if you know how to use it.

Unfortunately, many wellness business owners don’t enlist the help of marketers and fail to make the most of their social media presence. Even though you can do social media marketing on your own, there are two key things you will need: knowledge and time.

If you want to try to do it alone, here’s how to successfully market your wellness business online using social media:

Adjust Content to Platform

The first thing a wellness business owner must understand about social media is that every network favors a different type of content. Since your goal will be to create material that helps potential customers discover you, you’ll need to know what to post where.

Think about it: if you have Facebook and Instagram, you go there for different purposes and interact with the posted content in different ways. There is a lot to learn about platform-specific content creation, but here are some of the basics you should be aware of:

When it comes to Facebook, the algorithms favor visual content, as well as staying on site. It is why you might see a smaller reach on posts that link back to your website blog, for example. 

On the other hand, Instagram is all about well-lit, high-resolution pictures. It’s an excellent visual showcase for the product, and it can also serve as a window into your everyday life. Pinterest is similar to Instagram in the visual sense, but it works differently — you create graphics that will lead the users back to your website.

Understand the Funnel

To become a successful wellness business owner, you should understand how the process of selling works — down to the details. Social media networks aren’t the best selling tool, but they work wonders to get potential customers to discover your business. Discovery and consideration are essential stages of the buyer’s journey that every purchase decision involves.

With this knowledge, you can optimize your social media marketing strategy to lead potential customers into your funnel, instead of trying to sell them the product right away. 

For example, a great piece of content with high reach and engagement on Facebook can have a call to action that invites people to join your email newsletter. Alternatively, it can direct them to your website for more information. That way you’ll be making the most out of initial interest — as long as you have content to maintain it and inform potential customers.

Let Your Personality Shine

One of the things that makes wellness unique as an industry is its direct impact on the quality of life. Whatever your focus in wellness is, it’s essential for potential customers to see examples of this quality of life improvement that you can bring into their lives.

And what better way to show them than your example? Fitness coaches and nutritionists have their figure to vouch for the effectiveness of what they’re selling. Similarly to this, every wellness industry professional has to be able to demonstrate the beneficial effects of their products or services. Inviting your social media followers into your life will not only accomplish this marketing goal but also make them feel closer to you. 

It has the added benefit of increased trust. What’s more, those who like your personality will end up following you and engaging with you based on that. It gives you a high opportunity to also convert them into paying customers down the line.

Focus Efforts on Building a Community

The best social media marketing nowadays is done without the potential customer even becoming aware that they are being marketed to. The way to accomplish this is by creating a community rather than chasing leads. 

But how do you create a community around your business? The answer lies in engaging with your social media followers and providing them value. Continue to network with your community.

Create posts and content that drive engagement by asking questions. They could be business-related, like polling your followers about what type of products or services they would like to see from you, or something not directly related to your business. For example, you could have weekly engagement posts where you chat with your followers and give back some attention.

Exclusive Facebook groups are a terrific way to start making a community that will be a responsive source of information and an excellent option for driving engagement on your social media profiles.

Boost and Advertise

The final piece of the social media marketing puzzle is advertising and boosting posts. The most prominent networks have this option, and you should keep it in mind no matter how strong your organic strategy is.

You might be asking why to waste your hard-earned dollars on social media ads if you’re already doing well with your organic strategy. Even though it makes perfect sense, that approach might be detrimental to your business in the future, since social media networks want their ad platforms to be used. Especially in the case of Facebook, that means they’re limiting the organic reach and not showing your posts to all your followers. 

To counteract this, boost your best-performing posts every once in a while. Sponsored content ensures that you’ll be reaching all your followers as well as a new audience. However, there is a learning curve, so enlist professional help if you need it.

Marketing your wellness business online using social media does take a lot of time out of your day-to-day obligations, but it’s essential to your success. After all, if customers can’t find and discover your expertise or products, you will be losing out on business.

That’s why it’s essential to know what works and what doesn’t, so you don’t waste time on strategies and avenues that don’t pay off. With our tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a successful social media presence for your business.

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