If you’ve just started your online business or you’re considering it, odds are you don’t have all the answers to the difficult questions. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is a huge challenge that not everyone can accomplish. It takes a lot of work, determination, and good connections.

But what if you have all that, yet you’re still missing the mark on your business goals somehow? How do you find what’s holding you back, and how do you overcome those mistakes in the best way possible?

To help you find your potential weak spots, we’ve compiled a list of 7 common mistakes that both new and experienced business owners tend to make. They can stop you from reaching your business goals, so you should be aware of what they are and how to fight them.

#1: Your Goals Aren’t Defined

If you feel like you aren’t reaching your business goals, is it possible that you just haven’t defined them well?

In many cases, that’s often part of the problem. Unless you clearly define it, entrepreneurship remains a concept, idea, or even a dream. In those circumstances, it’s hard to create a clear roadmap that will get you where you want to be.

If you suspect this might be one of the mistakes you’ve made, it’s easy to fix. Ask yourself specific questions about where you want to be and how you could get there. It’s also important to define a timeframe in which you hope to accomplish these goals. Then, break those goals down into smaller steps, like focusing on different platforms and small goals. That way, you ensure you won’t be overwhelmed with the enormity of the task.

#2: You Don’t Take Responsibility for Your Choices

Being unable to recognize your part in bad situations might be the most difficult mistake to admit to, and it is also tough to notice that you’re making it unless someone more experienced points it out. You can have the best coaches and mentors in the world, and have all the knowledge you need about the industry — but it is still up to you to make your own success.

When you don’t accept that the responsibility for your choices and career is on you, and you keep trying to shift the blame for your failures, it quickly becomes a problem. To achieve your goals, you need to take responsibility for your choices and grow from them.

#3: You Spend Most of Your Time Daydreaming Instead of Doing

There is a huge step to take between envisioning your future and getting there. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs spend more time and energy envisioning their perfect career instead of chipping away at their goals step by step.

Alternatively, you may be taking a step back every time the path becomes too hard. Instead of making a breakthrough, you think about how great it would be to make it. What you have to realize is that success is never easy to accomplish, but getting to it is essentially a simple task. Stay focused, keep your eyes on the prize, and move just a bit towards it every day.

#4: You Haven’t Learned How to Delegate Work Effectively

It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to do it all yourself if your budget isn’t as high as you need it to be. Likewise, if you can afford to outsource the work you aren’t great at, you also might end up hiring more help than you need.

Neither of these situations is ideal, and both can hold you back. If you don’t delegate some of the responsibilities of running a business, you’ll not only end up overworked, but your business will suffer as well. For example, if you’re not a graphic design expert, your self-made business logo just won’t be as good as it would have been if you’d hired a professional. What’s more, you’ll spend precious hours doing that, instead of what you’re good at.

On the other hand, if you have employees, you can’t expect them to do everything for you. A CEO has responsibilities, and they have to run the show, making sure that the employees follow their vision instead of developing it.

#5: You Are Too Focused on What Others Think

Having an online business is difficult enough without trying to get approval from other people. To reach your business goals, you should own them, as well as your successes and failures. 

While other people’s opinions can come in handy every once in a while, you need to feel independent enough to make your own decisions. Make your goals for yourself, not for the people around you.

#6: You Can’t Focus on One Project at a Time

Sometimes we have so many business ideas that we aren’t even sure where to start. Even worse, an entrepreneur might start a few different projects and not see any of them to realization.

Singularity of focus might be the one thing that holds you back from reaching success. It doesn’t only apply to having different projects versus having one project. You should also follow this principle on a day-to-day basis, focusing on a single task with no distractions, until you complete it.

Singular focus allows you to be more productive and to reach the depths of ideas and concepts that you wouldn’t be able to think of otherwise. Strive to stop multitasking, and you’ll be much more likely to succeed.

#7: You Don’t Think Your Environment Is Important

You certainly know someone who claims they strive in a messy environment, whether in your personal or professional life. But if it’s something you tend to say, reconsider this habit, as it might be what’s holding you back from reaching your business goals.

Your environment is an important factor in how successful you are. The people and things you surround yourself with can either be an obstacle or a springboard. Make sure that it meets your needs and create an environment that doesn’t allow for distraction or lack of motivation. You’ll be surprised at how much you can change your habits when you have the right conditions.

Making mistakes or having bad habits is a part of life. It’s not necessary or possible to be perfect in every aspect of your life if you want to have a successful business. What it does take is having a sense of your personal responsibility, and recognizing how some of the habits you have might be holding you back.

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