2020…we’re all going to probably hear this or think this all year: 2020: perfect vision…right?

I want 2020 to be perfect; don’t you?

What does that look like for you? What habits do you want to adopt, what milestones do you want to achieve, what do you want your day to day existence to look like?

I LOVE pondering questions like these and love actually sitting down to map out how each goal will come to fruition. Some parts are my actions and some I simply have to give over to the Universe. I use a daily process to make this easier…let me know if you want the details.

Let’s get into the meat of this topic of goal setting. So many of us turn goal setting into “wishful thinking”. Do you know how to make a goal-setting session turn into gold?

The first thing is to approach this activity seriously. A lot of times, we just throw out goals like party conversation. We recommend that you set a specific time to set goals and follow a protocol.

Now, there are a lot of different goal-setting protocols out there so just choose one and stick with that. We have a suggestion that may appeal to you. We invite you to adopt it as your own.

You’re going to want to set aside at least 30 minutes for this exercise. You will need a blank piece of paper or better still, a few blank pages in a favorite journal.

The first part of the exercise is to list everything you have ever wanted to have in your life: objects, living spaces, relationships, health, fitness, beauty, experiences…you name it. If you can call it something and you have desired it, list it in this category. Take as long as you need but AT LEAST, 5 minutes…writing continuously…don’t stop.

2nd, list everything you have ever wanted to do in your life: places you have wanted to travel to, things you have wanted to experience, skills you have wanted to master, etc. Once again, take as long as you need for this but AT LEAST 5 minutes of continuous writing. Be brutal with yourself.

3rd, who would you need to be to have all these things occur for you? List skills, personality traits, qualities of being (healthy, happy, etc.) that would allow all of these things to occur. Once again, take as long as you need for this but write for at least 5 minutes.

Okay…fun time… circle the top 5 things you really, really want to have, do or be this year. Take your time…breathe.

Now, clarify each of these things by fleshing them out a bit more. For example, if you said you wanted to travel more this year, identify where you want to go, when, for how long and who you would travel with…get the picture?

Do this for all 5 circled goals. This should take 5 to 15 minutes…even more if you’re really getting into it!

Lastly, write out a logical explanation of how these things would happen, like this: “I will lose 20 pounds this year which will happen by following the Shred10 guidelines for 10 days out of every month” or

“I will create financial freedom in my life this year by sharing Juice Plus+ or Tower Gardens with people I care about. I will share with _____ people, every month” or

“I will create a stronger bond with my mate by scheduling ___events together, every month”

You get the idea…real goal setting takes planning and foresight. We would LOVE to help you with your health or career goals. You can schedule a free 15-minute planning call with us HERE.

Also, often sharing your goals and action plan in a supportive community can help by #1, holding you accountable to what you said you wanted and what you would do to achieve those goals and #2 by having others hold the vision with you. Community is a big part of staying healthy and happy. You can read more about this in this blog post we wrote on Blue Zones.

Also, our Facebook Group might just be the community for you in 2020. You can join HERE.

We are wishing everyone a blessed holiday season and entry in a fabulous year and decade.


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