Jake and I are in the business of helping people get healthier AND helping people go into business for themselves, usually in the wellness industry.

We have learned some interesting things over the years but the #1 thing that continues to surprise and sadden us is just how few people really understand personal responsibility…

When it comes to their health OR their business.

It’s quite astonishing, really, because these are people who have come to us for help; we aren’t trying to track people down and talk them into something.

This article is just going to focus on people that come to us for help building a business…don’t even get me started on those who won’t take responsibility for their own health…

The first thing that blows me away is how often people don’t read the information that they asked us for…why would you ask for something you’re not going to actually look at?

The next thing is how often people will not show up for an appointment and either not communicate or have some far-fetched excuse. I’d love to hear someone just say: “ya, I just didn’t feel like it”. These no-shows are often the ones who say they “desperately need a change in their life”. Not that desperate, I guess.

Once we ascertain how we might be able to help, we find that some “wannabe entrepreneurs” seem to think they should be able to start a business without any cost! I would love to see just ONE business opportunity that this was true for…just one!

If we get them past this stage and have them see the merit in beginning with us, we soon learn WHY they haven’t been successful, thus far…they aren’t willing to actually work!

Really! We find that most people can be really excited for a few days or a few weeks and then, if they aren’t suddenly an “overnight success” they decide that “this isn’t really for them”. Sheesh!

But then there are the ones…the beautiful, awaited ones…the ones who get it.

The ones who read our emails and watch our videos. The ones who book a call with us and show up…ON TIME! They understand that any business requires some investment of time and money. They understand that, while we can help them have some success right away, they must take our coaching AND do the work. 

We get it. Not everyone will do the work to change their health or their life situation. If everyone was, the world would look a whole lot different. This fact makes success all the sweeter for those who will.


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