Guilty as charged!

Yup…I admit it…

I make my living in (gulp…) SALES!

Lots of people have issues about being a salesperson, feeling like they’re being “sold”, etc.,
etc., etc.

But think about it…

The only way we get the stuff we want is by somebody selling it to us and the only way
businesses stay in business is by selling stuff that people want or need.

I think some of the negative attitudes about selling come from an old stereotype of the
huckster sales person who comes into town and sells people something they don’t want or
need…think Harold Hill in “The Music Man” (who, actually, in the end, saved the town).

Think of the phrase “s/he could sell ice to an Eskimo!” We hold the idea of “salesperson”
with derision.

We all have these pre-conceived notions of who a salesperson is, and we DEFINITELY
don’t want to be one of THOSE people…

But think about the sharp sales person at your favorite clothing store that helps you put
together the best outfit you’ve ever had (I’ve had lots of those experiences) or the real
estate agent that finds you the perfect house OR the medical sales person that educates
doctors about the best tools for their practice.

Let’s break down the fears you have and some solutions to overcoming them…sound

First: you’re afraid of rejection. Yes, you are. Don’t try to deny it! You may be afraid of face
to face interactions or calls or even writing copy!

Relax, you’re in good company. Only 27% of people who identify as salespeople feel
comfortable in this role. Most of you reading this, don’t even identify as salespeople…just
imagine what kind of company you’re in!

Here are a few ways to overcome your fear of rejection:

Step 1: List your fears. Then identify how likely they are to happen, what would actually be
the outcome of your worst fears manifesting and how would someone not afraid of this fear
handle it. Oui la! Worst fears of rejection handled!

Step 2: Accept that No is normal. In reality, only 25% of the people you approach will buy
from you. Get over it! Is your fear stronger than your desire to own your life?

Step 3: Accomplish some small wins. Maybe you feel defeated by a few no’s you
got…probably not a good time to keep reaching out. What can you do instead?

• Work on your Social Media Content
• Respond to requests about your product, business or anything else
• Read articles or books on becoming a better salesperson or leader
• Improve your website


You’re afraid of being perceived as “Pushy”. Often when this is a concern, we “sidestep”
asking for the sale. We think of ourselves as “sharers” or consultants…anything other than
salespeople (which we are…)

Here are some ways to overcome your fear of being perceived as pushy:

Step 1: remind yourself of all the things you love about your business, product and
opportunity. Fall in love, all over again, with what you do.

Step 2: Practice your pitch with a friend. I know it sounds cheesy, but the more you can role
play, the better. Ask Jake!

Third: You’re afraid of not knowing what to say.

Step 1: Choose 1 resource to work with: a script, a feature of your product or service or

Step 2: Only change 1 thing about your presentation at a time. (examples: smile more, slow
down, list questions, memorize one phrase.)

Step 3: Memorize what you’re going to say then practice, practice, practice.

Last tip: continue to get better at your craft. After all, if you were in any other profession,
your goal would be to get better at what you do. Being a salesperson is no different: Get

For me?

I love knowing that I help people find solutions for improving their immune function, body
composition and their family’s fruit and veg intake.

I love helping people to grow their own food, indoors OR outdoors.

I love showing people how to create some extra income in these uncertain times.

Yes, I have LEARNED to become an effective, helpful, knowledgeable salesperson…

I wear that badge proudly!

How can I help?


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