Isn’t it interesting how assumptions get ingrained as “fact”? Been a lot of that going on, lately, right?

Jake and I have been thinking about that with regard to home-based business.

There’s an assumption that “no one makes money at these things…”

Well, we do…AND lots of people on our team do, too! 

Now, we need to talk about what making money looks like for most people who start a side hustle. Most people who start a business like ours are really only interested in doing what it takes to make an extra $500 to $2000/month…not create a full-time career. Any direct selling company worth their salt should be able to have a clear path to that kind of income, just from building a customer base.

Often, when that doesn’t magically happen, the assumption is born: these businesses are just scams.

Many prominent people are even writing, blogging and talking about it! Shocking, coming from people who have no experience in the arena! 

In truth, not many people are successful in ANY endeavor: weight loss, athletic feats, AND building a business of any type. 

Let’s talk about weight loss, for example. We all know that changing the way we eat, and exercising will bring about weight loss. When someone sets out to lose weight but fails to change the way they eat and exercise, no one says “this is a scam!”. They realize that the person who wants to lose weight simply isn’t doing what’s necessary to achieve weight loss…right? 

Same thing with training to run a marathon OR building a home-based business like ours. Most people just won’t do what’s necessary, hence don’t have the success they’re looking for and then people with absolutely NO experience in the industry make the statement that “these things just don’t work”.

Let’s talk about building a traditional business.  Statistically, only 25% of new businesses make it past the 15-year mark! Sadly, I was one of those statistics but instead of just putting up a meager amount needed to start most home-based business, I put everything I had on the line and ended up losing it all…

Starting my home-based business was phenomenally less risky and far more rewarding!

There are other assumptions about home-based business:There’s an assumption that you have to become that annoying person that is constantly hitting up their friends and family to “take a look at their opportunity” or to post non-stop about their products and business…

If you follow us on social media, you know that’s not what we do nor what we teach our team to do…

There’s also an assumption that putting time into a business like ours is a waste of time and you lose money…

That’s where we get super fired up…there are SO MANY benefits to being involved in a business like ours that AREN’T tied to the financial benefit and you get to massively improve your health in the process. Everyone associated with our program would still be spending their money on our products even if they weren’t building a business…hence, no money lost!

These days, people are looking for opportunities for personal growth like never before.

Our business is basically a self-development course cleverly disguised as a business…the personal growth stuff is all FREE!

These days, people are looking for community with like-minded people…we offer a positive, health minded, uplifting environment that encourages and supports people to reach their personal and professional goals. Also, free.

These days, people are looking for side-hustles that are fun, simple and doable… home based businesses can offer all this and more.

Are you ready to stop assuming? Remember what they say about the word ASSUME… (message us if you DON’T know…hee hee…)

If so, let’s connect! You can book an in-depth overview of the programs and platforms we use to help you achieve your goals for 2021 HERE


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