There are so many of us who think that success comes to people who:

  • Work hard
  • Have better credentials than us
  • Have a better background than us
  • Are super-lucky

In truth, I believe there is ONE thing that is critical for our success, and it’s probably not what you’re thinking. Can you guess?

It’s really the way you feel.


Sounds so “airy-fairy”, right?

But let’s think about it.

Something negative happens and somehow, your mood gets all tangled up. We get mad, sad, obsessed, self-doubting, disliking ourselves or others, etc., etc. None of these emotions are conducive to being productive or successful. But we keep moving ahead, because we think that have to…

Anytime we are operating with an underlying negative mood, our results aren’t great, are they?

Sure, you may be able to muddle through mundane tasks but doing the heavy lifting of building a successful business, having meaningful conversations or really moving the needle in the direction we want our life to go ain’t gonna happen as long as our heads are full of negativity…I promise you.

Have you ever tried to have a powerful, enrolling conversation when you’re feeling out of sorts? I have and it usually goes miserably. Its why so many “gurus” encourage you to listen to some uplifting music and pump yourself up before you get on a call or zoom.

And there is some value there.

However, I don’t think it’s addressing the whole picture. It’s really like drinking double espressos when what you really need is sleep. I think it’s really important to look at what’s really bringing you down and, what really can bring you up.

It’s really the way we regard ourselves; the way we feel.

If you’re familiar with Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction, then you have heard “that which is like unto itself is drawn” …meaning we get what we’re consistently thinking about and this is why it’s so important to guard our thoughts.

Countless books have been written on this topic, I encourage anyone trying to build a successful business, whether it’s a side hustle or a full-time gig to get familiar with this concept.

Abraham-Hicks goes so far as to say “that you feel good” is more important than anything else: more important than sending that email, or making that phone call or meeting that deadline. Without starting from this good feeling place, we’re just spinning our wheels.

As I’m writing this, I am reflecting on a HUGE disappointment I had this week. Really felt like a betrayal, although I’m sure the party involved didn’t see it that way.

For 3 days, I tried to “get over it” and did all the things I know to do: get outside and move, nourish myself with good nutrition, diffused oils, meditated, did some energy work…even tried alcohol! And, while I did feel some relief, I found myself searching YouTube for an Abraham-Hicks video on hopelessness. And voila! Found exactly what I needed to hear…a story about Esther Hicks witnessing a young boy being terrified at what must have been his first airplane experience and the mother being able to take him onto her lap and love and soothe him back to calmness and peace.

The first thought Esther had was “I wish I could do that for every human on the planet” and the next thought she had was “oh, right! All humans can do that for themselves!”

And so, I did what Abraham suggested…I started to soothe myself. I started by naming all the things that I am good at, all that I’ve already accomplished, all the wonderful people and things that I have in my life…even the things I take for granted like my wonderful slippers and my bed and the way the sun comes into our windows. And I realized that I always have the power to lift myself back up and because of that, I always have the power to control my mood and dictate how I’m going to show up when I’m working on my biz.

No, I can’t control the outcomes I have but I KNOW that when I’m vibrating at a higher level, my chances of success are so much stronger than when I’m wallowing in self-doubt and pity. PLUS…it feels so much better, doesn’t it?

Because you have read this article, you now have the knowledge that #1, the most important thing to do for business success is to feel good and #2, you have the power to change the way you feel. I challenge you to take this concept on for a month and notice what happens to your business and your life.


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