Can you stop what you’re doing…just for a minute… check out what’s running through your mind right now…

You opened this post…maybe you’re thinking about what the title means, maybe it intrigues you maybe 
it annoys you…

Maybe now you’re thinking “Why is she asking me this?” or “what kind of nonsense is this, anyway?”

Or…maybe this resonates with you and you’re thinking: “Oh, my gosh! I was just thinking/talking about this! Brilliant minds think alike!”

Where did those thoughts come from? Think about it for a minute.

All these thoughts we have about everything that happens to around us…every day…every minute…every second!

Have you ever noticed how you often think the same things at particular times of the day?

It’s really like we’re on automatic pilot…we’re not choosing our thoughts…they’re choosing us…right?

It can be a problem because this pattern keeps us living in the past and not creating the future that we want for ourselves, our families, our loved ones.

Every day, we look at how things are currently: our health, our relationships, our businesses, our finances. We decide what parts we’re not happy with and those emotions become what we think about which dictates the outcomes we get. The same as we always have.

How to break free?

A few helpful techniques: 

Visualization: our brain doesn’t register the difference between an internal experience and an external one so if you visualize the things you desire, your brain sends out THOSE thought patterns and those things start showing up in your life…is that cool, or what?

Meditation: when we meditate, we stop our habitual thought patterns which allows our brain to re-calibrate and let new feelings of satisfaction show up. It can be as simple as listening to your air conditioner or the wind outside your window. The goal is to empty your mind and allow it to refresh. There are many good, guided meditations available and even ones you can do with your eyes open.

Gratitude or Appreciation Practice: noting all the things that ARE good in your life opens up your thought habits to noticing more and more good things! I like to start in the morning with appreciating my pillow and  my bed and the birds outside the window, etc. We often overlook all the good in our lives and go right to our “to do” list and what’s wrong. Starting the day in appreciation can really change the trajectory of
your day.

Affirmations: correctly written affirmations read in the morning when we wake up and at night before we sleep can begin, through repetition, change the way our brains work. (see the paragraph on visualization)

Consistency is key. Some people believe you should read them aloud, some  don’t think that’s important. Some people believe you should post affirmations in places you will see them throughout your living and working spaces…others think that dilutes the practice.

I have started to combine EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping with my spoken affirmations. It seems to be working and I like it!

Here’s the thing: YOU GET TO CHOOSE?

Isn’t that cool? We always get to choose.

Which leads me to my final point: 

For Jake and me, having a daily practice that helps to shape our thoughts is key. I can’t even imagine where I would be without this.

You have the power to shape your future by starting to shape your thoughts. You, and only you…will you take it on?

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