Who Are You When You Are Living Your Most Inspired Life?

(and what stops you from living it every day?)

I was on a webinar recently in which the facilitator was asking a lot of deep questions!

Questions which you may ask yourself at night, when you should be sleeping or when you’re deep in meditation or when you’re with a really, really, really good friend. Or maybe you never ask them at all?!

One of them was “who are you when you’re living your most inspired life”?

Kind of a show-stopper, yes?

When is the last time that you had a serious look at a question like this and took the time to thoughtfully write down the answers and then, ask yourself: what percentage of the time am I living that now?

Maybe you’re following a career path that you love but your health is being neglected or not looked after like it might be…

Maybe you’re so happy as a spouse and parent but drowning in bills…

Maybe you’re super fit but nothing else in your life is really the way you’d like to be…

What if you could have it all? What would that look like? What would your day be like? Who would you spend time with? Where would you live? Who would you live with?

So many possibilities, right?

One of the things we love about what we do is that it really encompasses all areas of our life. And when you think about it, if some areas of your life aren’t working, eventually, it will impact all areas of your life.

Because we work in the wellness world, we are always learning more and more about physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. It’s like we landed in a personal development course, cleverly disguised as a business!

We are also inspired to act on what we are learning as we are the examples
we want to convey to our clients, right? (I remember when I became a group X
instructor, back in the ’80’s…whipped my post-natal self right into shape, in every way!)

We also learn about creating meaningful relationships with ourselves, our families,
our friends and our teams…so much goodness!

Lastly, we do this while inspiring others to take control of their health, on every level.
This, in turn, gives us a sense of purpose and also control of our livelihood.

Now, we talk to a lot of people who say they want to really and truly change their lives and while many people do sign up with us and start down a path to truly changing their circumstances, we run into far more who don’t take action. Sometimes they don’t even look at the information they asked us to send! It’s really shocking to me.

Others will book a call and not show up and still others will show up for their call but won’t move forward, even when what we do totally aligns with what they’re about.

I’m always puzzled by this but then I remembered how it was when my sister and I trained fitness professionals back in the ‘90’s! We would usually have a class of 15-25 students for a 6-week program. By the end of the course, the student would be asked to teach part of one of our group classes and, in almost every single class we had at least one person who never felt ready to do that. This was for a class that they actually paid to be in, to train them to become an instructor to get a job in the fitness industry.

What I have come to realize, over the years, is that many, many people allow fear to stop them and to even sabotage themselves. Oh, it doesn’t always look like fear. People usually say that they don’t have enough money or time, or they can’t do what we do, or they don’t know anyone…or, or, or. We even encounter people that decide they need to go back to school to get their life moving forward…they just don’t know enough! Get the picture?

It’s never that, however. It is ALWAYS…wait for it: lack of belief in their ability to do something different to change their lives forever and that, my friend, is fear. You can call it whatever you want but do yourself a favor and get real with yourself.

There are lots of courses and programs out there that you can enroll in and lots of support for teaching you new skills but at the end of the day, you are still going to need to grapple with YOU.

Fear is the only thing standing in the way between you and the life you want…kinda sucks, huh? Jake and I would love to help you tear down that wall of fear and get on with it!

If you’re ready for a breakthrough, in any area of your life, we’re ready to talk.

Why not book a
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The life you have imagined is waiting for you.


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