This is a provocative question, right?

When I was growing up, most of my friends’ mothers either didn’t work or did something very part-time…the beginning of the side-hustle, right? Their primary job was being a homemaker, but they had something they did either out of necessity, boredom or doing something that really got them excited.

My mom was a high-school music teacher and a single mother of 5 kids! Yikes! If we were ever going to have anything besides our very basic of needs, you bet she had to have a side-gig or 2. (she actually had several: church choir director, hamburger flipper at the local golf-course and multiple direct selling gigs.)

According to a recent “Side Hustle Nation” survey, 45% of working adults
have a side hustle…50% of millennials do!

On a somber note, 30% of those with a side hustle say they need
it to make ends meet! But…on an encouraging note, 60% say they use the additional income for savings of extra disposable income…YAY!! Smart cookies! I think my mom was driven by a little of both. Her side incomes helped to pay for dance & music lessons for us and golf, skiing & theatre for her.

I very much admire her entrepreneurial streak, in retrospect!

AND… while only 1/2 of the respondents said they love their primary
job, 76% said they LOVE their side-hustle. How cool is that?

One other notable statistic from the survey was that it took some time
to build up a substantial income from a side-hustle…meaning that the
sooner one starts, the sooner the income they are generating will be
what they’re hoping for. Procrastinators, take note!

What Jake and I often see are people waiting too long to start something
on the side. They often wait until they are in dire straits and then look to
a side business to save them.

While a side business can definitely take the edge off a bad situation, it
most likely isn’t going to replace a full-time income overnight.

We often talk to people in this situation who then go get another job
they hate, only to find themselves right back in the same position in a 
few months or a few years.

Is this you?

We have come to know that the sooner one gets into action, the
sooner they can reach their goals. This certainly happened for both
Jake and me…have you read our stories?

What kind of side-hustle is right for you? This may take some thought on your part. Many respondents in the survey indicated that they really wanted to take a hobby and turn it into a side-business. What are your hobbies and interests?

Health is one topic that almost every human is interested in. It is, of course in our best interest, right? It’s one of the reasons that so many side-business revolve around health and certainly was a no-brainer for me.

When I began, in 1995, there was, of course, no online marketing and I built my health and wellness business by just talking to people! (Gasp!)

Today, the internet has changed all that and because of the ability to reach people all over the world, online marketing has revolutionized the side hustle.

Online marketing is the most popular of all side-hustles reported in the survey and online marketing also shows the highest, consistent income from $1k/month to $10k/month. I think it’s important to note, however, that just as in anything, it takes some time to get things rolling. 

In the beginning, the average respondent was generating around $100/month in income but after the initial start-up phase, over 43% report generating over $1000/month!

Our family has been able to take our part-time side business from extra income to a robust fulltime income, while still working part time hours. AND we do it while following our passions and helping the world become a healthier, more sustainable, and better place.

We would love to talk with you about reaching your goals AND about what
might be standing in your way, slowing you down or stopping you from 
achieving them. THEN we can work to overcome those challenges!

We help people with all sorts of side-gigs, whether your passions line up with ours or not. The important thing is to take action right away.

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