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 Time is very precious: ours AND yours. So before we commit to chatting, let’s define who this call is a best fit for...

Definitely schedule a call if:

Please DO NOT schedule a call if:

You’re someone committed to getting what you want and what your family deserves.

You're not interested in your own health

You have a passion for helping others with their health and want to earn extra income.

You're not open to a home-based wellness business

You’re open (and maybe even excited) to starting a home-based business.

You're not coachable and ready to learn (athlete mindset)

You're not willing to invest in yourself

You’re totally teachable and ready to learn a simple, proven system that WORKS.

You're the type of person who books a call and doesn't show up

You’re hungry to belong to a community that lifts you up and supports you in reaching your goals.

You’re ready to make a change and you WILL SHOW UP to your scheduled call with Jake or Joy.

You’re looking for a “get rich quick” opportunity