Hi! We’re Jake and Joy. We’re a mother-daughter team who help people just like you transform their lives by adopting some simple habits in the areas of health AND success.


Joy brings her years as a Fitness Professional, Health Coach and Entrepreneur and combines it with Jake’s fierce athletic background, experience as a side-hustle specialist and millennial mindset to bring you concrete ways to have an unstoppable life you love.


Over the past 2 decades, our family has helped thousands of people transform their health with our programs and products and hundreds to build a successful health & wellness business. In the last 5 years, Jake and Joy have also begun helping people take their business online in ways that are easy and fun.


We can help you get radically healthy with our free offerings, programs and wellness products AND successful by building a health & wellness business with us OR by adopting some of our practices in your current business.


We feel fortunate to have built such a strong business that is rewarding on so many levels. We would not be where we are today without the people who have mentored us and people, just like you, who work beside us and together, we grow every day.


However, things were not always so rosy and there was a time when our little family’s future was anything but certain.


Joy’s Story


In 1994, we were at a definite crossroads in our life. As a single mom and businessperson, Joy had hit the “end of the road”: losing her business and home and wondering what was next for her and the future of their family.


Joy also felt a little lost…while she had been a super successful businessperson and competitive athlete, having to build it all over again was agonizing!


She knew she could go get a job for someone else again, but she just knew we didn’t want to live that way anymore. Joy didn’t want their family to live paycheck to paycheck and be at the behest of an employer.


We know this sounds so cliche’ but it’s the truth.


She just wasn’t willing to buy into the idea that she had to work for the next 40 years at a job that she was miserable at and then live on a measly retirement OR continue working for the rest of her life as a self-employed person (which is what MOST people who think they have a business are..).


SO WHY are we talking about all this and what’s the point?


We know you’ve probably heard this stuff before.


Quit your job, work for yourself and make all your dreams come true.


It’s not all unicorns and rainbows but definitely worth it and definitely doable.


Joy found her business through a local health professional. The product, fruit and vegetable concentrates and vertical gardening systems, made so much sense to her, as an advocate for consuming more plants, but she wasn’t open to the business part of it, until she got some education about what this type of business actually is!


It was not a get-rich-quick scheme. It was hard work and some late nights. There were disappointments and discouraging moments. But she dug in and was determined to fix our family’s financial future.


So Then What Happened?


Joy built this business the old-fashioned way, fueled by desire, determination and consistency.


She also had 100% belief in the products and the company we are partnered with…super important.


But what happens when you’ve run out of people to talk to?


Or, when you have family responsibilities and other obligations that always seem to creep up?


Or, you want to attract a younger demographic?


This is where Jake’s story starts.


Jake’s Story


Jake grew up watching her mom, Joy, build a thriving home-based business and she learned the value of this industry from a young age, but she didn’t always see herself joining her mom in business. She wasn’t interested in the “old school” methods of building a business; she couldn’t stand the idea of making lots of phone calls and having in-home meetings.


However, when she got out into the workforce, she quickly realized she didn’t want to spend her life working for someone else.


At the age of 25, she joined her mom and quickly reached the top position in the company using strictly social media tactics. She was very much a pioneer in doing so.


Having been a two sport Division I athlete in college, Jake brings a work ethic and mindset for success and the love of working as a team.

Although, we’ve always had momentum in our business and our business was continuing to grow, we knew we needed to find a better way to truly make it work on an EPIC scale…not just for us but for our team!


Neither one of us is afraid of hard work. We have built this business to work around our preferred lives, but we knew we had to find a better system to allow us to grow faster.


That’s when we found a way that attracted people to us, rather than us needing to chase them!


To really go big in a business like ours, you need to find a system that allows you to create activity and allows people to approach you 24/7.


Most home-based business owners struggle with finding people to talk to. It seems to be the biggest barrier to success.


We discovered a way to be able to leverage systems to allow us to build more effectively and be more efficient with our resources: time, money and energy.


Now we have the ability to help other struggling marketers learn a system to allow them to get in front of more people both online and offline.


This is still a people business and you should care who you place into your organization.


But this is where we come back to finding the right people: you have to start making connections with people and we firmly believe that the internet is a great way to leverage time, money, and energy. We love helping others to do the same.


Jake & Joy welcome you and we’re always here to answer any questions you may have, about health and nutrition, using any of the “stuff we love” in your business, how to evaluate the right primary business for you and your family (if you’re looking) and how to build an Unstoppable Life You Love!





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