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Who are Jake and Joy?

Hi! We’re Jake and Joy Kelly, a mother-daughter team with a passion for helping others, just like us, find a way to turn their love of health and wellness into sustainable, even lucrative, extra income and careers.

24 years ago, Joy was a broke single-mom, trying to make a living for our little family by working in the fitness industry. It meant unpredictable schedules, often long days away from Jake and in the final analysis: just trading hours for dollars. I really longed to continue working in the wellness industry, but I just didn’t know how much longer I could keep up with the constant demands of this type of work: clients changing appointment times, needing to be free at all hours of the day…it was exhausting!

The idea of getting a “9-5” wasn’t attractive to me; the idea of working in a corporate setting was NOT appealing and I knew I would have to start all over again.

I liked the flexibility and income potential that personal training gave me…just not the uncertainty, long hours and NO benefits!

All the home-based businesses that I had looked at involved some kind of investment and the possibility of annoying my friends and family with sales pitches. This just wasn’t me!

Then I discovered a way to take my love of sharing health with others and create the career I was dreaming of.

I’ve now been able to help thousands of others, all over the world, do the same, using a very simple system, without having to invest a bunch of money and without having to sacrifice family or friends to be a successful business person.

Jake joined me 6 years ago after graduating from university. She had played two Division 1 sports in college and was really excited to be able to jump into the same career as her mom: helping others find unstoppable health AND being able to teach simple skills for building a successful wellness business.

Client Testimonials

Suzanne Daigle

Flin Flon Manitoba, Canada
If you have been looking for “something”, be it more income, personal challenge or to be part of something BIG, I can’t recommend working with these two women enough!! I have been on their team for just over the past year and it has literally changed my life. Although I am in Northern Canada, these two ladies have been there for me in so many ways. They are generous with their time, knowledge, encouragement and FUN! They have invested so much in their own training and share their expertise weekly with their team. After attending other training, I could immediately see how much farther ahead I was because of their coaching.

Mark Soler

Santa Barbara, CA
When I first met Jake and Joy, I knew immediately that they were women I could deeply respect. I am constantly impressed at how knowledgeable they are in business and coaching, and especially that they’re constantly improving, augmenting, and sharing what they learn. In this I find them extremely helpful in helping not only me, but anyone who lands under their wings, to define, attack, and reach their goals. Their coaching is not always easy to take (nor should it be), but in taking it on, I find it is always on target. Jake and Joy are not only all business, they’re also fun to be around and they care deeply for their friends and community!

Danielle Martinelli

Carpinteria, CA
Jake and Joy have played pivotal roles in my continued success as a Professional Network Marketer. Their business mentorship, along with their marketing expertise, have allowed me to grow a large organization in a short amount of time. They have helped me grow tremendously as a leader and health advocate, by empowering me to take more risks and to live courageously outside of my comfort zone. I would not be where I am today with my in-home business without Jake and Joy’s guidance. “I’m so thankful for their mentorship, friendship, and to be part of a community that gives me so much passion and purpose in life.


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